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Welcome to the world's first DualBook™ an online concept specially designed by MartinLindstrom.com to ensure that books never go out of date. On this site you can activate any* book written by Martin Lindstrom or read more about his fascinating books on branding.

BRAND sense
By Martin Lindstrom
Foreword by Dr. Philip Kotler

"BRAND sense is a landmark work that explains what the world's most successful companies do differently, integrating all five of the senses--touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. The book will transform the way marketers approach the entire concept of branding."
- Charlie Bell, CEO & Chairman, McDonalds Corporation

We are all intimately familiar with our senses - they fully inform the picture of our daily life. When one of them goes missing we realize how important they are. However, the advertising and the communication business dwells, almost exclusively, in a two-dimensional world. Their messages focus on what we see and hear, and tend to neglect the fully five-dimensional picture.

Brand communication has reached a new frontier. In order to successfully conquer future horizons, brands will have to find ways of appealing to the three neglected senses. BRAND sense shows you how.

BRAND sense is based on an exclusive global study of branding and sensory awareness conducted for this book by Millward Brown, the seventh-largest research institute in the world. Under the direction of author Martin Lindstrom, a team of 600 people at Millward Brown conducted qualitative research in 13 countries. This unprecedented research discovered some remarkable findings: when Coke cans replaced the classic bottle, Coca-Cola lost a major competitive tactile advantage or close to 400 million people across the globe listens to the tunes of a Nokia ring 7 hours a year - without even being aware of it.

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Why purchase BRAND sense?
Plug into the worlds most extensive study EVER conducted on our five senses and brands!

  • Be one of the first to access the incredible results from the world's largest study on branding and our five senses.
  • Practical how-to-do sections are summarizing every chapter enabling you to turn theory into action
  • Witness how brands can achieve massive consumer loyalty by simply taking all the senses into consideration.
  • Discover the step-by-step process to help convert a two-dimensional brand into a five-dimensional sensory brand.
  • Observe the effect of this immensely powerful technique, and learn how to measure the results associated with this revolutionary way of thinking.
  • Understand how your industry is going to change - and the type of Sensory Branding projects your competition could be working on right now.
  • More than 100 fascinating brand cases on how to build a powerful sensory brand.
  • Foreword by Dr. Philip Kotler
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